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English Training

Dog Training in English possible!

Living together – besides all profits! – may also bear a variety of problems and difficulties - often due to misunderstandings between a dog and its owner. Learn to read your companions body language, to assess it and hear about the reasons for certain behavior.

Our offer

Your dog...

  • finds so many more interesting things to do than to come back right away
  • seems to walk itself and therefore strains the leash
  • loves to hunt – joggers, skaters and cyclists as well as prey
  • doesn't care too much for other dogs or kids
  • destroys your furniture
  • barks, barks, barks
  • is scared of something
  • won't let you out of sight

…sounds familiar?

Find new approaches as how to create living with your dog, how to work with it, how to engage it and how to have fun together!

Or maybe you're planning on getting a dog – let us help you to decide where your new partner comes from (shelter or breeder), whether you'd prefer a male or female dog or what breed you might like.

Our Training Classes, Group Trainings, Puppy Groups, Presentations and Seminars offer the right kind of training for everybody and every dog!

First consultation (house call, 1h)139€
First consultation (at our training ground, 1h)99€
Subsequent training (house call, 1h)139€
Subsequent training (at our training ground, 1h)99€
Group training (5x1h)150€
Puppy Group training (5x1h)150€


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